School Evaluation Summary

If you have trouble viewing the embedded spreadsheet, please click here to open the full document in another window.

If you have trouble viewing the embedded document, please click here to open the full document in another window.


After a detailed examination of my chosen school, I was surprised to find out about the technology use status of Greendale Elementary.  In short, while I was aware the Maturity Model Benchmarks would provide a summary of technology use at Greendale Elementary, I in no way anticipated the amount of information it would uncover and analyze with respect to technology use within a specific school.  Essentially, this examination provided valuable information on the success and faults of Greendale Elementary’s technology plans, policies, practices, and implementations.  Furthermore, this probe into Greendale Elementary’s technology use allowed the school to perform some self-assessments and gauge its current practices on technology integration.  Thus, this research not only became a valuable tool for me in my studies, but also for the school that was examined.  In the end, I believe it was very successful, eye-opening experience for all parties involved.

Standards Assessment

This assignment meets AECT standards 4.1, 5.1, 5.3 and 5.4.

In short, this assignment meets Standard 4.1 – Project Management by utilizing the planning and monitoring of a research subject to initiate better instructional design.  Next, Standard 5.1 – Problem Analysis is supported by the quality of this project in determining problem areas of an institution by gathering relevant data and information.  Additionally, Standard 5.3 – Formative and Summative Evaluation is met by the requirement of information gathering and its use for decision-making.  Finally, Standard 5.4 – Long Range Planning is continually met in this assignment by the addressing of the future of technology use and implementation.


About heidismith3

My name is Heidi Smith, and I am looking forward to continuing my education at Boise State University. Currently, I work for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen in Texas, where I am a Special Projects Coordinator. In short, I am a consultant and trainer to engineers needing appeals for arbitrations between the railroad companies and the railroad union. We are presently trying to integrate more technology into this process to speed up our current workload. I know that having a Masters degree in Educational Technology will aid me in teaching and training our staff more effectively.
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