Plagiarism Video

Video Description:

My xtranormal video is about two robots named Sally and Ralph.  Sally, plagiarized on her robotic upgrade exam and was downgraded to a body made of cardboard boxes.  She is explaining to Ralph why she did not pass the exam.  Sally told him that she plagiarized and explained to him what plagiarism was and how to avoid doing it.

In my xtranormal video, I identified three types of plagiarism: cheating, non-attribution, and patchwriting.  First, cheating is taking someone else’s work and using it as your own.  I think that this is what usually comes to mind when people think of plagiarism and it may be the most common.  The second form of plagiarism I used in my video is non-attribution.  This means not citing all of the sources used when doing one’s own researching or writing.  This is essentially cheating because the person with the original idea is not receiving credit for their idea.  Lastly, patchwriting is basically taking someone else’s work and re-wording it to claim it as one’s own work.  This is considered plagiarism because it is not the plagiarizer’s own ideas and they did not cite the person who originally wrote it.

What I Learned:

In creating this video and completing this assignment, I have learned the official names of the different forms of plagiarism.  I learned that one must cite all of their sources of information; however, one can also use too much citation.  Sometimes I struggle with knowing the difference between what is considered general knowledge and what is not.  What general knowledge is to me may not be to someone else and vice versa. Also, it can be seen as somewhat of a clouded area.  Sometimes, I tend to overcompensate for this and cite terms or phrases that are usually seen as unnecessary because they are considered “general knowledge”.  I always try to be more safe than sorry and cite all of my sources, however, now I know that I can also use too many citations.


About heidismith3

My name is Heidi Smith, and I am looking forward to continuing my education at Boise State University. Currently, I work for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen in Texas, where I am a Special Projects Coordinator. In short, I am a consultant and trainer to engineers needing appeals for arbitrations between the railroad companies and the railroad union. We are presently trying to integrate more technology into this process to speed up our current workload. I know that having a Masters degree in Educational Technology will aid me in teaching and training our staff more effectively.
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