Digital Inequality Assignment

Click Below For My Group’s Digital Inequality Presentation:

Gamma Group’s Digital Inequality Presentation


In examining why people first begin to think of the digital divide in terms of the “haves” and “have-nots,” I came to the obvious conclusion that it is because that trait is generally the most obvious and visual when contemplating the digital inequality among specific socio-economic groups.  Ironically, although this trait might be the most obvious reason people identify the digital divide with the physical possession of a computer, I do not believe it the main reason why individuals tend to think this way.  In short, I believe it is people’s general lack of knowledge of other cultures.  Typically, most individuals do not know or understand other countries viewpoints on human rights.  In fact, they generally only aware of how human rights are viewed within their own culture.  Thus, I do not believe that free citizens understand the issues facing individuals that live in a society in which the government constrains both educational and digital literacy opportunities.

In fact, I believe the issue of governmental constraint with respect to technology and education is the biggest cause of digital inequality.  Essentially, it has caused me to reexamine my earlier belief that digital inequality was strictly a financial problem.  In short, I know realize that a city, country, or nation that fails to promote digital literacy is heading down a dangerous path.  In fact, the effects of failing to promote digital literacy range from the weakening of educational concerns to the impossibility of ethical reform within a specific area.  Furthermore, this failure causes individuals to start to believe that the constraints on their human rights are necessary to the city, country, or nation in which they reside.  In other words, this belief leaves no room to make judgments on issues that are obviously unjust with respect to the education and skill sets of a society.  Therefore, I believe it is crucial to try every means necessary to liberate an individual’s right to be digitally literate.

How This Assignment Aligns With The AECT:

This assignment best aligns with the 4.2 Resource Management standard of the AECT.  In this assignment, my group utilized numerous educational technology tools to complete each stage of the project.  First, in the planning stage, we utilized Google Docs and WordPress to plan the development of our presentation.  Secondly, we monitored each member’s progress through their comments on Google Docs and their relevant emails in Gmail.   Next, we used PowerPoint to develop the visual component of our project, and VoiceThread to finally execute our overall plan.  Thus, as you can see, this particular assignment aligned with the Resource Management standard in many ways.  In the end, it taught the student how to utilize new technology to manage tasks in a group setting.


About heidismith3

My name is Heidi Smith, and I am looking forward to continuing my education at Boise State University. Currently, I work for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen in Texas, where I am a Special Projects Coordinator. In short, I am a consultant and trainer to engineers needing appeals for arbitrations between the railroad companies and the railroad union. We are presently trying to integrate more technology into this process to speed up our current workload. I know that having a Masters degree in Educational Technology will aid me in teaching and training our staff more effectively.
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