Introductory Post: Goals

Hello everyone!  My name is Heidi Smith and I am excited to be continuing my education by obtaining a Masters Degree in Educational Technology at Boise State University.  Through examining my chosen degree program and the desires for my future, I began to realize how important it is for me as an individual to attend a university with a program that is focused on equipping and preparing me for the goals I intend on accomplishing in my current and future career.  Whether it is the education I employ in the workplace or the academics that I utilize in my personal life, I believe the EDTECH program at Boise State University will provide me with a solid foundation of knowledge that I will use in accomplishing my career goals throughout my entire lifetime.  Therefore, in stating these personal expectations, I believe Boise State University gives me confidence in their ability to not only aid me in obtaining an outstanding education through a balanced curriculum, but also help in obtaining the goals I have planned for my future.

Presently, I work as a Special Projects Coordinator for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. In this position, I train people on how to write appeals and submissions between the railroad companies and the railroad union.  Presently, we are seeking to integrate more technology in our training process, and I believe this program is ideal for achieving that goal.  After experiencing some of the Educational Technology program, I already feel confident in the unique opportunities it will provide me during the span of my career.  Specifically, by experiencing new ways of educating with technology, I believe the degree I receive, in the end, will aid me in securing my goal of becoming the technology trainer for the national chapter of our organization.

Finally, I believe the EDTECH program will help me in creating a better and more efficient environment for education and communication between the BLET local chairmen, the claimants, and the railroad companies.  In fact, as I am engaging in my first course in the EDTECH program, I find that I am already learning many useful tools to help me become more effective in my job.  Therefore, I believe the outcome of my entire educational experience at Boise State University will provide me with tools that will aid me in my life both personally and professionally.


About heidismith3

My name is Heidi Smith, and I am looking forward to continuing my education at Boise State University. Currently, I work for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen in Texas, where I am a Special Projects Coordinator. In short, I am a consultant and trainer to engineers needing appeals for arbitrations between the railroad companies and the railroad union. We are presently trying to integrate more technology into this process to speed up our current workload. I know that having a Masters degree in Educational Technology will aid me in teaching and training our staff more effectively.
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